Up to 90% discount on an iPad Air 2, iMac or iPhone 6

Dr-Angela-MyersSince 2008, the new trend in e-commerce is Entertainment Shopping, auction sites selling high-tech and luxury products from stocks clearances, directly from the warehouses of distributors and manufacturers, with incredible discounts.

Experiences from happy winners can be found on blogs and forums all over the web, with tales of amazing deals made on very desirable items. Although sold for very expensive prices in traditional retail, these can be purchased online for a fraction of their value, thanks to new revolutionary ways to shop. An iPad Air 2 for $30, or an iPhone 6 for $40? Now it’s possible!

But the prices advertised seemed too good to be true, so some journalists investigated these new sites, to make sure the deals promised were actually delivered. they had their eyes on the iPad Air 2 for quite some time, so they decided to try to get it on one of these sites.

After researching which one of the different competitors to test, in terms of trustworthiness and reliability, they came to the conclusion that Swoggi seemed to be the best candidate to serve as an example for this new form of online shopping, due to its excellent reputation.To participate, you need to purchases credits, used to bid on the auctions. The starting price being extremely low, you only need a few credits to get amazing discounts, which can go up to 90% of the retail value of the products!

Swoggi is so confident that you will get these discounts that they provide voucher codes for free credits all over the Internet. The one I found is VIP50, which will give you 50 free credits for each purchase of a 100 credits pack.

What products are available on Swoggi?

At any given time on Swoggi, you will find smartphones like the new iPhone 6, tablets like the new iPad Air 2 or Mini, computers (desktops and laptops), TVs, cameras and many more. Sometimes even cars are available on the site! The wide range of products ensures that anyone can find something they want!

And Swoggi actually delivers its promises!

Once journalists registered, a very simple and quick process, they received their free credits, and started to look at the current auctions. They were intimidated by the huge choice and the fast pace at which users were bidding, but after reading the help section of the site and a few minutes of observation, it all became clear.

So they joined an auction for the iPad they wanted so much, and they were pleasantly surprised, after less than an hour, to win it for only $57.76!

A brand new, still under warranty Apple iPad Air 2, worth more than $400 in retail, for less than $60!

they still had trouble believing it, so they decided to wait for the actual delivery of my iPad. A few days later, it arrived directly to their home!

But they could have been lucky, and only one victory hardly is a valid test. They then returned to Swoggi to try to win something else, with my remaining credits. And this time, they went directly to the big prize: an iMac 21.5 inches, worth $1150. The competition with other members of the site was tougher than for the iPad, but they still managed to get it, achieving an even better discount: the

iPad Air 2 at only $91.04 ! This site is truly one of a kind!

Once again, the delivery was quick and the customer service really helpful! They can say they are definitely convinced by Swoggi!

How to use Swoggi?

If you want to enjoy the same crazy discounts, you will need only a few instructions to get started. The workings of this new type of shopping can be intimidating at first, so I will try to explain in a few steps how you can get the same savings achieved. Despite what you could think when looking at it for the first time, it is actually extremely simple:

Step 1: Create an account on Swoggi and get your free credits. Use the following voucher code to get 50 free credits!

Code: MAY50 (expires 26/04/2017)


Step 2: Browse the Live Auctions to find a product you would like to win, click on the auction and start bidding!

Step 3: When you win an auction, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page where you will need to pay the closing price and confirm you delivery address.


Journalists started out this test as a sceptic, but after winning two apple products for less than 20% of their value, they can say without any doubt that this new form of online shopping is a GREAT way to save money on high tech, expensive products!

Please note that this page is an Advertorial. Even if what is related is true and reflecting the benefits of the website.