AngelaFor a few years now, online auction sites have been praised as the best way to save money online when buying high tech products. Their concept is to distribute items obtained from stock clearances of distributor warehouses, often with huge discounts like 80% off.

This way, they can sometimes offer products for a fraction of their retail value. Even for very desirable items, such as the latest generations of Apple’s iPad or iPhone, the savings can amount to 80% ! Users of these sites regularly win the iPad Air 2 or the iPhone 6 for less than $50.

To confirm the advertising from these sites and claims of winning from bloggers, we decided to investigate this new way to shop. Having an interest in acquiring the iPad Air 2, I tried one of these sites, Swoggi, in order to purchase Apple’s latest tablet at the lowest price possible.

You will easily find around the web various voucher codes for auction sites. I found a code for Swoggi, which, in addition to the excellent reputation of the site, its longevity and the frequent auctions, helped me make this choice. At the time of writing, the code I used, MAY50, is still working, feel free to try it yourself, but if it does not, a simple Google search is likely to earn you another, current one.

The Swoggi catalogue

I was personally looking for an iPad, but you will find at any given time on Swoggi, a wide variety of class=”amplitude-link” products : smartphones (new iPhone generations, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC ONE M8, LG Nexus), tablets (like the new iPad Air 2 or Mini, or the Microsoft Surface), computers (desktops and laptops), TVs, cameras and many more. Some time ago cars were even on auction on the sites, they have not been offered for a while but they might come back.

My Auction for an iPad on Swoggi

The registration process was extremely quick, I was awarded my free credits, on top of which I purchased a credit pack of $50.

The iPad Air 2 is worth $400 in retail, but at the time an auction was at $45. It was already too late for a 80% discount, but after observing the bids for a while I felt it would be possible to get it for an interesting. So I started betting, and after an hour, to my surprise, I actually won !

With a final price of $85, I have not broken any record. It is probably double as expensive of some of the discounts advertised, but it is still a huge discount : nearly 80% off the retail price ! Once the shipping cost included, I still saved more than $300 off my tablet ! And a few days later, it was delivered to my home !

Since I still have Swoggi credits left, I will try again soon, but now I have my eyes on a bigger prize : A HDTV. Or maybe an iMac for my daughter, I have not decided yet. But now I have the proof consumers can make huge savings on auction sites !