Amazing discounts on high tech brand products? The truth behind Penny Auction websites


Get the latest iPhone for only a few quid!

Nowadays, each and every e-commerce sites advertises its discounts. But none of them can match the ones you will find on Penny Auctions, where you can get the products of your dreams for literally pennies!

You first have to purchases credit packs, which give you the right to participate in the auctions. Place the last bid on a product, and you win it!

Among the different sites operating this way, the oldest and most reliable is Swoggi. Since 2008, this website offers a wide range of products, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, household appliances and other consumer goods, on which you can get amazing discounts. Recently, we have seen an iPad go for $28.29, a Samsung Galaxy Note III for $15.43 and a MacBook Pro for $50.43. All these products, like all the others, are brand new and under manufacturer warrant, and delivered straight to your doorstep!

How can Swoggi offer such low prices?

Every bid on an auction costs 1 pre-paid credit. This cost enables Swoggi to sell products with discounts you will never find anywhere else. The typical price on the website is 80% lower than what you could see in traditional retail, but discounts frequently go up to 90%, and sometimes up to more than 99%! Since the auctions start at $0 and there is no reserve price, product could be sold for only 1p if nobody outbids the first participating member. In that case, and many others, the site does make a loss on the auction, but a member makes an amazing deal!

A continuous innovation to bring more and better deals for consumers

As one of the first websites in the world to use this business model, Swoggi has had the time to try out different features in order to improve the user experience of its members, and to help everyone save money. Today, the Credits you use on auctions you do not win are reimbursed to you in the form of Premium Credits, which enable you to try again on another products, or on the same one when it is offered again. New types of auctions also help beginners, and members coming back to the site win more easily.

For Swoggi, the consumer experience and the ability for everyone to be able to make a great deal is the key to success. To be able to reach this goal, they keep introduding new features to help anyone win and save money!

Why EVERYONE can win on Swoggi!

Thanks to the New Members Auctions, Blue Auctions and VIP Auctions, anyone can get a good deal from Swoggi. New users are protected from the competition of experienced members, and if you do not win a product, you get free credits to try again! This way, you cannot lose! And when you win, you win big: up to 99% discounts on very expensive products! And every item on sale is brand new and still under warranty! With the best prices, best experience and a wide range of brand new products, Swoggi is today to best place to shop online!

Become one of the daily winners!

Last month, among more than 200 auctions, three quarters of them ended in a member getting an excellent deal. Everyday, a Swoggi user gets a 80% minimum discount on his desired product! And you can join them today!

Alan said “I got my Playstation 4 on Swoggi, and they delivered it within a week. It is the best deal I have ever found on the Internet! Thank you Swoggi!”

How to start winning on Swoggi

Step 1: Create your account on Swoggi. Get 25 Free Credits by using the code APPLE25 when purchasing credits! But hurry up, this code expires today!

Step 2: Browse the Live Auctions and look for an auction for an item you are interested in. Click on the auction, and then “Bid Now”

Step 3: When you win an auction, an automatic redirection will take you to the payment page where you will confirm the purchase!


For any high-end electronic product, such as the latest iPhones, iPads, HD TVs or computers, the best site to get amazing deals is Swoggi. Register for free, and in a few seconds, get a bid pack and start bidding and winning products at the best prices available online!

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